Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FEB?

FEB stands for Field Evaluation Body. FEBs are independent, third- party organizations that perform safety assessments of, and apply appropriate (safety) labels to unlabeled electrical equipment. Section 110.2 of the National Electrical Code establishes the requirement that electrical equipment must be labeled. To perform these safety assessments, FEBs inspect and test the subject equipment to safety and performance standards, including those issued by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

What are the standards an FEB must meet?

There are two primary standards applicable to FEBs. These standards are NFPA 790, Standard for Competency of Third-Party Field Evaluation Bodies, and NFPA 791, Recommended Practice and Procedures for Unlabeled Electrical Equipment Evaluation.

What is IAS and how does it certify an FEB?

International Accreditation Services (IAS) is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that has been providing accreditation services since 1975. As one of the leading accreditation bodies in the United States, IAS is a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) signatory of the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). IAS provides accreditations in more than a dozen categories, including testing labs, calibration labs, inspection agencies, building department/code enforcement agencies and field evaluation bodies.

During the certification process, IAS audited eti Conformity Services and its procedures against four primary standards and documents:

  • NFPA 790 - Standard for Competency of Third-Party Field Evaluation Bodies
  • NFPA 791 - Recommended Practice and Procedures for Unlabeled Electrical Equipment Evaluation
  • ISO/IEC 17020 - General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection
  • IAS AC354 - Accreditation Criteria for Field Evaluation of Unlisted Electrical Equipment

What kind of products is eti Conformity Services certified to field label?

The IAS Certificate of Accreditation lists the types of equipment eti Conformity Services is certified to evaluate and label. Equipment and product types include power distribution equipment, commercial appliances, and equipment for hazardous locations. The certificate also provides a long list of relevant standards — applicable to a broad range of equipment types — for which eti Conformity Services is certified.

What is the difference between the testing services provided by eti Conformity Services and other testing companies?

At eti Conformity Services, we differentiate ourselves in two areas.

First, we are one of the pioneers in electrical testing for low- and medium-voltage equipment and have completed more than 40,000 projects across the United States. We understand the pivotal role that proper testing and evaluation plays in bringing a project to completion.

Second, our service sets us apart. We work hard to maintain schedules and timelines that work in your best interest. When you choose eti Conformity Services, you reduce the time it takes to get your unlabeled equipment operational.

Can eti Conformity Services perform tests to international standards?

Yes. We perform tests to assure acceptance throughout Europe and other countries. Contact us with any questions regarding a specific region.

What is the difference between field inspection, listing and labeling?

eti Conformity Services field evaluations, also called third-party inspections, are often requested when a local electrical inspector cannot determine the acceptability of equipment installation because the equipment is not listed, labeled or “approved.”

An eti Conformity Services label is applied when unique, custom, or modified piece of equipment has been evaluated and determined to meet the applicable requirements of the NFPA standard(s).

Listing is usually performed at the point of manufacture on representative samples of a product and periodic follow-up verification and inspection are required.

Who does the term "applicant" refer to?

Applicant is the company or individual who applies to eti Conformity Services for the investigation of a component, product or system. The applicant assumes the financial obligation for the cost of the investigation and follow-up service, and exercises rights to information obtained as a result of the investigation.

Who does the term “manufacturer” refer to?

The manufacturer is the company or individual who maintains and operates the factory facilities where a listed or recognized product is manufactured or assembled, and where the product is normally inspected as part of follow-up service.

Who does the term “listee” refer to?

The listee could be a company or individual whose name is used in conjunction with a product and appears under a product category in a published product directory.

Does eti Conformity Services provide training programs?

Yes. eti Conformity Services is a leading provider of technical electrical training. Contact us with any questions regarding specific technical training.

What accreditation does eti Conformity Services have?

In addition to being an accredited Field Evaluation Body (FEB), eti Conformity Services is a Qualified Evaluation Service Provider for field evaluations. We currently have a safety record (OSHA incident rate) of 1.00 and an EMR rate of 0.60.

What quality assurance standards does eti follow?

eti Conformity Services relies upon standards from respected industry sources, such as the National Electrical Code (NEC), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The Joint Commission (JCAHO), Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), as well as state and local jurisdictions. Many of our engineers and technicians are members of these groups and have earned industry certifications for continuing education.

How do I begin the process of certifying my product for market?

Try to assemble as much detail about the product and its intended use. Call us early in your design process. Our advice and resources will pay off with streamlined production. Our engineers will make the process as easy and fast as possible.

A local inspector required testing for our new one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. Can eti Conformity Services get us back in business – fast?

When an inspector tags your equipment as "unevaluated," time is critical. Safety and compliance testing is required before the equipment can be put into service. To get your unlabeled equipment operational quickly, work with an FEB that has already performed extensive field evaluations within your industry.

Can eti Conformity Services go to a factory in another country to certify a piece of equipment for me?

Yes, eti Conformity Services offers field evaluations at the point of manufacture, when custom-made or foreign-made equipment is being produced or modified for an unusual or unique process.

Can eti Conformity Services start a field evaluation project in another country?

Yes, eti Conformity Services can start an evaluation in another country and complete final testing and labeling at the final site in the U.S.

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