Who Requests Code Compliance Evaluations?

Owners, insurance companies and end users initiate many calls for Code Compliance Evaluations. They recognize that eti Conformity Services provides prompt, efficient and reliable service for these critical evaluations. eti Conformity Services engineers have a thorough knowledge of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code and applicable local jurisdictional requirements.

eti Conformity Services engineers’ mutual respect and close working relationships with state and local electrical inspectors helps ensure ready acceptance and avoids costly project delays. This, coupled with our extensive experience with total facility reliability and safety, gives you a competitive edge ensuring that your equipment operates as intended, right from the start.


  • Industry experts who solve your problems
    • eti Conformity Services is staffed by leading engineers and technicians
  • Safety focused
    • All eti Conformity Services team members undergo rigorous safety training
  • Close and ongoing communication
    • Direct access to engineers who know your product
    • Understandable information on worldwide standards and how they apply to you
    • Concise information that makes conformity projects easier
  • Strategically located service centers for unparalleled responsiveness
    • Quick response to get your unlabeled equipment evaluated and on-line
    • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Equipment is thoroughly inspected, and test results are documented
    • Consistent detailed reports with findings and recommendations

Our Expertise

  • Trusted by thousands of customers for over 30 years
  • Completed thousands of field evaluations throughout the United States
  • Experienced in a variety of industries, including: solar, wind, education, IT, retail, commercial and industrial
  • Recognized and approved by AHJs across the country.
  • eti Conformity Services’ experience, practices, equipment, and processes meet the stringent NFPA 790, NFPA 791, ISO/IEC 17020 and IAS AC354 requirements to become an FEB.
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